Fraser (Canada)

Length:  4,667 km / 2,894 miles
Catchment:  3,690,000 km2 / 1,425,000 miles2

The major river in Vancouver, which is polluted beyond belief, is the mighty Fraser.

On a very small scale, where we are so very lucky to have a cottage is a small "burn" that is either in full spate in the winter or too dry in the hot summer. We help tend the river and have brought the fisheries people in. It is a salmon and trout stream and so we who are part of the cottage strata community keep in as pristine as possible. There will be future development on Gambier Island, which may threaten the river. I am going to take steps to ensure that development for recreational property does not harm the stream.

I certain believe we are, in general, a society that over consumes and then casts aside any remains, assuming someone else will pick up after us or that it just doesn't matter. I work in an office with 60 people on the floor. I have let everyone know I will take recycling material for appropriate disposal. 1/3or less recycle. The rest don't or just forget.  Then there is the small group that put used kleenex tissues, food and other items that don't meet the carefully outlined short list of what is acceptable. The use the recycling box like a dumpster.

Taken from email, 6/2/04 - Alison